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Alberta’s BEST Solar Loyalty Program

Your home powers the future

The Hummingbird Virtual Solar Community unites 5,000+ Alberta homes, farms, and businesses to power the clean energy transition. We are leading Alberta’s solar revolution as one of the largest and fastest-growing solar solutions.

Alberta’s biggest solar community is only missing one thing. YOU.

Alberta boasts a vibrant community of eco-conscious individuals, with a growing number embracing solar energy. To foster even greater investment in this micro-generation, we’re committed to compensating Alberta solar PV producers fairly for their surplus green electricity from solar.

Introducing the Solar Club™ Loyalty Program, an exclusive membership offering solar micro-generators premium rates, AIR MILES® Reward Miles™, access to our Carbon Offset Credit Platform, and cash back for their contributions. Together, we will drive the transformation of Alberta’s power grid forward to a reliable green future.

Leading Alberta’s Green Transformation

Why join the Solar Club?

Industry Leading Rates

Our rates set the standard for the industry, and are designed to give you maximum flexibility and profitability.

Leading Edge Benefits

Combine industry-leading rates with benefits like cash back payments and free Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

Offset Your Footprint

Do more with your solar power and increase your revenue by selling the carbon offsets generated by your system.