Useful Resources

For those connected to and those considering solar

Alberta’s power system is changing rapidly, and it is important to stay informed on this ever-evovling landscape. To assist, we have included useful resouce links for visitors to learn more about Alberta’s green energy sector and to make informed decisions about their current micro-generation network or about the network they are considering being part of.

We will continue to add new resource links as they become available.

Informing Albertans

About Alberta’s green energy sector

The Mission of Solar Alberta is “to accelerate Alberta’s transition to a just and sustainable energy future, we advocate, educate, and serve as an industry and community hub for solar energy”.
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“The Canadian Renewable Energy Association is the voice for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage solutions that will power Canada’s energy future. We work to create the conditions for a modern energy system through stakeholder advocacy and public engagement. Our diverse members are uniquely positioned to deliver clean, low-cost, reliable, flexible and scalable solutions for Canada’s energy needs.”
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“AREA envisions an Alberta where power is supplied entirely by renewable and ecologically sound sources.
“AREA advances the deployment of renewable power through educational events, political advocacy, and support for installations.”
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“The Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) is a member-based organization with a diverse group of stakeholders actively working to maximize energy efficiency in the province of Alberta. Energy efficiency plays an important role in creating a sustainable Alberta, economically and environmentally.”
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“pv magazine publishes monthly and quarterly magazines in English and German and operates daily industry news channels covering specific markets (Global, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Latin America, Australia, China, and India). With its independent, technology-focused reporting, pv magazine concentrates on the latest developments in the solar PV and energy storage markets and local industries. Articles cover new products and technologies, policy and market developments, and other topics related to solar PV and the energy transition. pv magazine also has an established and successful international hybrid and virtual events portfolio to deep-dive into these industry matters.”
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