Published On: March 24, 2024

Introducing Hummingbird

The Hummingbird Virtual Solar Community Takes Flight

All microgenerators enrolled with us are part of our Hummingbird Virtual Solar Community (VSC), one of the largest distributed solar farms in Alberta. As a distributed virtual solar farm, the Hummingbird VSC leverages Alberta’s abundant solar resources and the many homeowners willing to invest in solar PV technology. The Hummingbird VSC now represents the equivalent of installing over 125,000 solar modules, and an aggregated capacity of approximately 85 MW. With the exception of outliers like the Travers Solar Project, the average solar farm size in Alberta is 28 MW.
The Hummingbird VSC is made possible by Alberta’s Microgeneration Regulation, one of Canada’s most successful renewable energy models.
The launch of the Hummingbird Virtual Solar Community marks a significant milestone in Alberta’s journey towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. The Hummingbird VSC showcases the potential of leveraging abundant solar resources and community-driven initiatives, and underscores the importance of innovative solutions like rooftop solar installations. As Alberta navigates the evolving landscape of renewable energy, the Hummingbird VSC stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and localized efforts to shape a more sustainable energy future.
  • Currently one of the largest non commercial solar farm in Alberta

  • Growing to over 6000 homes by 2024

  • Striving towards Net Zero as a community

thinking about solar?

Once you have solar installed on your home, you are considered a micro-generator and are automatically eligible to be part of Alberta’s best solar loyalty program.