Published On: November 16, 2020

As we barrel towards the end of 2022, we wanted to share an update with you on the success of the Solar Club, as well as our hopes and dreams for next year.

Summer of ‘22

This summer was a great season for our Club Members, and we wanted to share some interesting numbers with you.

Over the third quarter of this year, Solar Club microgenerators exported 8.7 million kWh of surplus green energy onto the grid. What can you do with 8.7 million kWh? We’re glad you asked! In addition to covering your own consumption, you and other Members greened the equivalent of approximately 4,000 other homes in your local neighbourhoods.

The five-year trend for exports by our Members has grown from 500,000 kWh exported in 2018 by more than 17-fold!

Lobbying for Change

We have approached various regulatory government departments and MLAs, requesting that microgenerators be allowed to increase the number of solar PV panels installed. Wires companies shouldn’t be allowed to limit the nameplate capacity based on your annual consumption. If our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint across the province, you should be encouraged to maximize or optimize the available roof space.

Solar Alberta supports our lobbying efforts. If you are not a member, consider joining. If we can successfully change the current policy, the benefits will far outweigh the nominal $35/year individual membership fee.

The Microgenerator Advantage

As you probably know, the Alberta power market has been volatile lately. This summer, Alberta generators’ Power Pool prices spiked to the highest price ever. Fortunately, your solar PV system shielded you from skyrocketing retail prices.

The Alberta market is driven by carbon policies and a societal desire for cleaner energy. It will continue to undergo significant change as we go down this pathway, and decarbonization strategies will impact how power is produced and priced. Until the supply side of the equation stabilizes, Power Pool price volatility is inevitable.

Current operational generation facilities in the province include 1,088 MW of solar generation, 2,780 MW of wind generation, and 50 MW of storage. With new facilities under construction, in addition to operations that the AUC has already approved, we will soon see the greening of the grid triple in output as Alberta works towards its net-zero goals by 2050. The AESO’s latest long-term adequacy report indicates that the market is moving in the right direction.

We expect periods of high market volatility in electricity pricing while we proceed down this path. Many months of the year when wind generation drops during freezing temperatures or heat domes in summer, you can expect pool prices to spike. However, the market should stabilize by 2024. Power Pool prices are anticipated to decline once more generation comes online.

To monitor the dynamics of provincial generation and pool prices in near real-time, simply click here. You can toggle the radio buttons on or off to see the amounts of solar, wind, hydro, coal, and natural gas generation in Alberta by the hour. If you overlay the Power Pool prices over wind generation, you’ll notice that every time wind drops, pool prices spike.

Thank You

The continued growth of our Solar Club is based on increased membership. Thanks to microgeenrators like you, our Solar Club has truly become the premier program for solar microgenerators in Alberta. If you know of other microgenerators or installers who are still not members of our Club, please encourage them to sign up with one of our Energy Marketers or contact our Customer Care team for further information.


Your Green Alberta Energy Team

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